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Just a cute little story; I can't post it on Tumblr yet because they're down for maintenance at the mo'.

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write as all the characters!

This is based off of a FYRPR meme which said that the [meme suggestor] wrote letters in his partner's ask box anonymously for their birthday, from the characters they played as! So of course I saw it as a great idea and took it upon myself to do the same! :D

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And the Countdown Begins, and the Stones will fall
you okay?, worried
Enjoy some copypasta from my DA:

My dad texted me. So my mom's finally died at around 11:30.
Maybe all the songs will stop now. And shit will finally start happening and I can finally know what the fuck will happen because it will be happening and all the adults can just fucking chill out because I will be able to plan accordingly. Honestly though, I expected it to happen last week, but I figured that if it didn't last week, it would this week. I also figured Wednesday of last week, or Sunday, and hey, it's Wednesday!

GOOD THING I HAD OVERDOSAGE OF HAPPY YESTERDAY, BECAUSE IT'S ROLLED OVER TO TODAY. Good thing it didn't happen yesterday, before my happy. >_>; Then I never would have gotten happy, since I felt pretty shit alone and sad for some reason the day before.

My class schedule is still up in the air. Casey talked to the 299 professor, and so if I still wanna be in the class, I need to go today. But there's also a shitton of reading and I already have a lot of that for Anthro, and I don't know what's up and what's down yet in my classes. I guess 499 is safe, since there was someone else there that wasn't before? So I'll drop the 345, though I'll probably still read the books listed on there because I am severely underread on the literary canon. I seriously hope that 299 can somehow turn into an online course. It's about distance tutoriing. I don't see why it can't be online already. It's currently a hybrid, meeting half the weeks. and I think I mentioned before my time dilemna, but if I didn't, it's because it takes 20 minutes from swim to 299, without changing. And I refuse to drop swim. Swim is my only physical ed class and will keep me sane. and I refuse to switch it to Saturday, because I already go to school five days a week vlhfjdf. It needs to be on TTh, when my other class ISN'T. Because theatre will also be fun and stuff because it's Bernardo and I haven't been his student since I was in high school PHWEEEEE!

And this place needs to hurry up and give out their free leftover bagels/muffins/donuts/etc. >>b I'm hungry and I didn't bring much food again. [this needs to stop happening] OH MY GOD I JUST LOOKED OVER AND THEY'RE STACKING THEM IN A BOX SJFSDHUIGHDS1!!! COME TO HUNGRY FAT CHILD. Or maybe it's not and I saw wrong I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMOOOOORRREEE

I think there was more school stuff but I don't remember. .-.; I need to go email my instructors now, though, and especially that 299 one.
My game also came today BUT I'M SPENDING THE NIGHT AT :iconsunshine-casy:'s SO I CAN'T TEST IT OUT YET. NOOOOOOOO. also I was right, i forgot it was coming today. xD; Mostly because of classes and books and everything. I've figured out what I'm doing with my schedule, though now that I've talked about 299 with the instructor, I feel like being STUPID and keeping five classes. >_> I'll do that next quarter. MUST MAINTAIN SMARTNESS. MUST NOT DO 21 UNITS. BE SMART. KEEP BIG BREAK ON T/TH.


such as my dad suggesting that if he were here and I had my ID, we'd go out and get drinks, despite, y'know, IT BEING A SCHOOLNIGHT AND I DUNNO MY LIMIT AND STUFF. Bright dad, innit he?
I should probably call some people but woops too busy having fun. also weird that my dad was the first to let me know-- other than people leaving messages on the home phone saying "sorry for your loss".
Shit's gonna start tumblin', but hey, at least now I get to find out what happens.

also of course it ain't set in and I think in the back of my mind I can still go up to see her. My first reaction when I called my Dad when I saw his text was "Is this a joke? some kind of test?" but it seems not. Everyone's all sad and stuff for me (nothing about my brothers or my grandma or my aunts or the other people who were related to her), and I only feel liberated, because this means I can finally stop being stuck in preparation mode and can start moving forward with life. It means that shit will happen, ready or not, want it or not.)

All of my professors have given their condolences, and have suggested not to worry about needing a day off. When I told my story to the 299 professor, she said that it had broke her heart to find out. It was really touching seeing their responses. Another said that if I needed someone to talk to about what happened, to let her know.

In other news, I need to get more icons. some are a bit dated/not so cool for me to use. I also got a tumblr! I'm more active on there than LJ, mostly because it's fun and I've been watching my friends for the last two weeks or so have fun on there ;3;

Keep moving along

It's an essay.
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Heyo! o/
I'm doing a lot better than I was in January. I was pretty much physically ill from the stress, to the point of being nauseated 90% of the time, and having a cold all month long. I'm doing a lot better, although my home life is still not desirable. 
School's kept me pretty busy, though I've been assing around on steam and yim a lot lately. To those of you who I have added over AIM, I'm sorry. I haven't installed it on my new computer yet. Blame school and a lack of people being on AIM to begin with. :x
This entry's gonna pretty much be all over the place, as I suck at remembering things.
Speaking of remembering things, I updated my selling list with some new stuff and linked to a few pictures! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy some stuff from here. ;-; I really need to get these things good homes, and the money will go to help my gaming addiction buy me food and my book addiction schoolbooks and stuff.
I haven't RP'd in a very long time, nor have I really had the desire to. Which has to be a world record, at least for me. And RP was primarily the reason why I logged into LJ, so without the desire or anyone to play with, I kind of stopped coming here. Sorry. This means that if you want me here more, you should get me some RPs with the accounts I have set up or make me desire to set up some of the others.
Fuck. Uh, what else? Did I mention that I successfully transferred? Yeah, I'm now going to a better school that has probably less stable funding and less classes available. o/ And it's yet another two years before I get my degree! Wheeeeeeeeeee! [/sarcasm] But I've found the Anime Club here [called Neo Anime] and am a member, so I'm bound to meet some new people and have fun.

Valve is also very very very good at taking my money. They make me wanna buy RIFT, but I don't have time to spend on it yet. ;_; If I'm gonna get a month free, then I'mma make sure I can play every moment of it. Or something. :I [Plus, there are other, FREE mmos that I can play, like Eden Eternal and Spiral Knights. And I'm a 53/65 for EE. >>b]

I am also hosting an Art Contest on Deviantart! It's a Photobucketmulti-medium art contest! [If you are surprised at the topic, why?] There are several themes to choose from, and will be a few rounds. If you want more information, check it out here! And please advertise this as much as you can! >8O
That's about all I can think of... ^^;

Hey everyone
Sorry for not posting and pretty much abandoning livejournal here. I started to use Google, which doesn't have my keychain, got a new computer which also doesn't have my firefox keychain info from the previous computer, and there's not many people I could RP with or something. Like I've said plenty of times before, I mostly update on DevArt, but even more on KR than DA. 
Shit's been not so great for me. I've known that there was going to be a downhill sometime soon. I just didn't expect it as soon as November. Or maybe I did, but I wasn't prepared for it. At all. Crying's not something I do, but I learned to do it again. You could probably skim the previous journals on my DevArt, but here's a copy/pasta of the latest.

also, yesterday was sand_reader 's birthday yesterday. I think he's 21 now. Happy belated birthday, Joey. I hope it was great.

I can't remember if I said anything about this in the last entry, and I don't feel like checking, but I hadn't been feeling well and went to see the campus doctor that day. I had been feeling nauseated, which hasn't been uncommon at all this month. I've not gone a week without feeling it. The doctor believes that it was stress related-- saying that because I was in a "caretaker" role for my mother, it's the primary cause. Which is true in retrospect, I guess. It's usually been when I start thinking about things that stress me out, or I feel like crying (ahahahahahaha I've set the record for crying this month alone, for me. And it hasn't even been three full weeks.) The other few [rare] times have been due to acid reflux and the fact that I have over the counter, knock-off Tums that are about as effect as eating chalk. 
I've been having good days and less than good days because of this. It kind of really sucks. I'm also kind of still hungry right now, but I'm afraid of upchucking it. Plus, a whole packet of ramen noodles usually covers it. >_>;

I really hope my class in the afternoon is cancelled. I haven't been able to keep up with the assignments until the day that they're due or something. And I was trying not to do that this quarter, but I just get things that keep me deflated out of nowhere. I'm starting to dislike it a lot.

Last night, I got scared. I mean, I've been scared, which isn't an easy thing for me to admit to [but easier than crying or admitting to it, that's for sure], but there's no Pepto Bismal, I have no health insurance, my molar that I was supposed to get a root canal done on is starting to hurt again, I'm gonna be broker than shit if I have to pay for any health problems, and I may as well be home alone, despite the presence of an unwanted body. I have no one that I feel comfortable enough to cry to and have them tell me that everything's going to be okay while I'm afraid of vomiting because my body can't keep everything in. Those that I would cry to pretty much live in another time zone, or are not able to receive a call at the time that I start having these issues. I never have these issues so badly until I'm alone. I never have them until I have nothing to distract me. This is usually after ten pm. 
I know it sounds kind of wrong to ask this, that it's like a cry for attention or ego stroking or something, but I had an idea last night, as I was writing to myself. I don't have many physical copies of letters of affirmation-- you know, people telling me that they love me and care and things will get better and stuff like that. Really, I don't. I only have one of these, and it's from a care package that was sent before the crash that happened in November. I can send my address in a note if you don't have it. And if you can't send a letter or something for whatever reason, then just a note or something will suffice and I'll just print it when I get home. It's just that handwritten notes usually have more meaning to them than a computer's font.

Oh, and I did I mention that my mom went into the hospital again? She had an infection that was the size of a baseball on her leg. I didn't find out about it until she called the ambulance. I haven't asked her about how it's gone, but she usually goes to sleep early and I don't want to call her when her husband can listen. I don't want to have to live in the same house as him. I don't want to ask him for any sort of help. Ever.

Just so you know, I do have good days. Like I said earlier, I have good days and not so good days. I usually try to lean towards the good days spectrum, just because positive thinking is better than negative at times like these. Yesterday was a good one. But when I decided to go to sleep at around midnight and I was alone with my thoughts, it started to suck.

Please excuse the incoherency
bawww emo journal moment ;;; my ghosts a
I know I haven't been on here lately, but like with my DevArt journal, there hasn't really been much to update with. I apologize also to those of you that I watch on here; I have not been keeping up for the last several months. I think the last time I checked on here was back in June. This is also copypasta from DA, KR, and Gaia.

So uh my mom talked to me. She's got two spots in their brain. It's not what's causing her walking problems, either. 
She's finally told me that I need to start thinking about where I'm gonna live when she dies. She says that she's gonna fight it, but even I got the feeling that she knew all she was going to end up doing is fighting for more time.
She's having to use a walker to get around here now. And she asked me if I wanted the car when she's gone. And I asked her if there was any way I could get the house, but it's like $1000~$1200 a month. That's not that bad, considering some places for rent go that much, but even if I got my older brother and sister to move in, and they're struggling with $500/mo, and I pay $400 and some change [I could start trying to pay $500, to see how that budgets out], but like, she can't walk anywhere, she's using a wheeler, and just seeing her so... helpless kind of pisses me off. I don't want to stay here, but everyone expects me to pick up after the mess she'll be turned into. 'cause that's what she says will happen; that she'll have to relearn things if they go in there to do chemo. 
I don't really want to think about this, guys. I don't want to deal with this until after I've graduated college, but I predicted back in freshman year that it was gonna be before I graduated with a BA. And I can't fuck up my education; I can't take any breaks or leaves; I don't want to have to deal with the bullshit of reapplying. And then I don't have cal grant after this year [4 years max] and I... I..
I'm really scared for how shit's gonna lay out, guys. I know that God has a plan for everything, and that he'll provide, and I'm not that bothered by my mom dying.... just everything that happens AFTER. 'cause I know that once she's gone, that's when the final barrier that's keeping me from the full force of the world is gonna go down.

So like, keep us in prayer and shit. At least my aunts are making sure she gets the divorce done so her husband can't claim the house and kick me out. Because everyone expects that.
Which book would you want to see turned into a videogame?

I can never find the icon I want to express myself...
Spazz;; omgomgomgomgomg

In other words.....

also I don't remember if I posted this, either, and I doubt you guys would read all the way through the DA post, but
why is that underline black and not green? B|


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